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Saturday, December 31, 2011
two thousand 12 @ 3:27 PM

2 after midnight. 2012 already.
This isn't a will, though I admit, it feels like so. No worries, I'm not planning on dying anytime soon. Tfu, tfu.
I'm pretty much working on starting the year on optimistically. I'm done being a walrus slug- all so dirty, lazy and dead-passive. So far, it's been wonderful- friends have been most warm and welcome, sending me the loveliest messages and taking the time for the sweetest phone calls.
I'm hoping to fill my days with magic and continue living my dreams. Plan a day-trip with my best friend, get a a new book (preferably 1Q84, yup- I still didn't get it.), be with somebody who adores the shitload of me- who believes I'm awesome and all that dazzle and bling of love. Gotta shed this virgin look with somebody I love, and who worships me. I intend to recreate myself as an artist, I hate definitions and labels but I can't settle for becoming nothing- becoming everything. I'm going to write more (blog more~) paint, sing and live more. Promise.

I want to surprise myself. Be a bloody dragon. Woo, hoo.

Without argument, I wouldn't have done much without the love and care of my favorite people. Mush words are the hardest things to say, but truly, thank you, I love you- you know who you are. Words fail and shrink the limitless of what could have been to dust.
Your encouragement never failed me. In this year, I'm going to savor the scent of old and new memories. I'm going to live on and on. I reckon I was a slump of 'all over the place'- made you worry, cry and even called you names. I apologize if I failed you as a friend. I welcome any messages deem to alter my self, I'm willing to change for the better.

Going to greet the new year like an old friend, embrace it- make the best times out of it.
Most importantly, I'm going eat more soy milk. Promise!