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Tuesday, December 06, 2011
new middle @ 7:22 AM

hello to all those who've been reading this blog.
i haven't been posting in detail since october and to be honest, i had thought of deleting all sort of social connections online.

not because it got boring, my life came up to the point of no return boredom and everything seemed normal. i don't like normal, the routine of life animated me in a robotic way - my breakdown wasn't sudden. i should have written about it, even if it was sad.

at this stage of my life, i'm still in the wrecking edge of self-disappointment and self-discovery. i'm having pre-graduation blues, am missing my university classmates early forward, they don't know this. i'm too awkward to tell them the truth.
i want to start my career as an artist, seriously, it'd break my mother's heart but - i have to do this - become a full time artist.
i'm really hopeful, my next posts will be some of random sketches and fewer thoughts and head dripples. i wish you don't mind. this is no beginning, i wouldn't want to start over, i'm too exhausted, i'm going to grab hold of what i already have, push head-gear on and pull. right in the middle.

i'm sure you wouldn't mind.