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Tuesday, September 13, 2011
work @ 12:21 PM

since my last post, i haven't drawn - or done anything much really.
spent these few days sleeping; having nightmares, stretching my already horrible sleep pattern - felt like an affair was arousing between myself and the cushioned dreams i held under my purple blanket.

with less than a week until my last (hopefully) semester at kuwait university, i must and will change the course of this behavior with time.

thinking of opening a mini shop for my art, have prints, zines instead of just trading. you know, live partially off my own creations.

yesterday, bedour got me this delicious double chocolate cookies from costa coffee, it's so, chocolate. with a cup of hot earl grey tea, the aftertaste explodes into a soury fume; not so great.
afterwards, we did a long rundown for hanan's baby girl; decorating is hectic.

so, what about sleep? i haven't had a good fair sleep since 2009.
if it isn't this, i'm waking up with sick allergies or sad migraines.
for once, i want to enjoy sleep, for real. and savor in friends 'good night' greetings.

flora unger suggested that it might be a blood pressure issue, so i'll be checking into the doctors soon.