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Monday, September 05, 2011
lonely girls @ 4:17 PM

who doesn't like cute cats and dogs?

got my friend a rabbit friend, named sasuke.
isn't it great when smiles and happy faces turn up when something as cute and furry as a bunny becomes part of the group? i think so.

we all need a sweet cute friend to get through the day; what's up with this shallow talk of mine? not so sure, maybe a sad overdose on meme the kitten, to tell you the truth - i'm just sickly obsessed about cats. just the other day at the pet store, there was thin w30 cm cat in a cage, all black strips with brown fillers, i'm telling you this that it was instant love.
speaking of cats, over the past years as i encounter and befriended different cats i've noticed a tendency towards my feet. one time, i remember, at sophomore year as i was buying juice from a vending machine - i could be wrong, i might have been getting a nonsense chocolate bar, this white cat with short fur came up to me from out of the blur and brushed itself against my legs and between, it was the most unusual thing.
i've never been rubbed by a cat before..

all this writing and thinking of cats got me itching for one.
i'm sad lonely sometimes.

maybe. when i get over my old cat prufrock. he was darling to me.