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Thursday, August 11, 2011
open collaboration with ghadah alkandari @ 7:02 AM

The title says it all; an open collaboration with Ghadah Al-Kandari. Check it out here & see the other submissions here.
This is what she had to say about the piece, or rather, me:
I woke up 4:20 this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep so thought I’d check my e-mails. I saw that I had received a submission by Thuraya Lynn and I felt it best not to open the attachment until well into the morning. I have seen her work and it’s kind of creepy. I love her drawings and you can check them out here: iisthurayalynn.com. I’m sure if Thuraya were to write and illustrate a children’s book, it would be pretty messed up.
Hahaa, psyched! Oh boy, do I want to make a twisted-squid uglified children book someday! Thank you for your inspiring testament Ghadah~

And speaking of children's book, Illustration Rally in collaboration with boutique children's book agency Frances Mckay Illustration are organizing an international competition, you can create your own children's book or remake a classic: click here for more details.
I'll be participating so the couple of weeks I've been working on drafts for an original storybook.
To be honest, I was going to remake a Czech folklore tale I saw on the anime 'Monster' then it occurred to me that it might not exist; a string that the mangaka made up. It happens.
An entire week of research proved painful since not only did i not find any information about this fairy tale but learnt of the bloody truths of many children loving stories.
Stories of murder get coated in sugar and adventures as time passes by. Crazy!

If you're well aware of Czech history, myths or folklore, please contact me. I'll describe the plot, you tell me the title.
Making an original or not, I'm still curious!
It's one of those stories that got to me; savagely changed me forever. If nothing happens by next week, I'm going to ask Naoki Urasawa about it.