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Sunday, June 19, 2011
What Day Was It? @ 11:23 AM

While keeping two friends of mine company as they studied for their final
examination: Philosophy and Kuwait History. Amazing combination at the library I
took plenty of time-off checking photographs of paper crafts, mini apartments in
Tokyo online distracting me from my book...

So suddenly we heard
the fire alarm turn on, a little disturbing how me and my friends sat staring at
one another, we were supposed to be panicking and up our seats, right?
it's the familiarity visions that kept us from understanding the danger of the
situation, growing up we were subjected to long months of heavy drills due to
political issues with our neighboring country Iraq, drills that were meant to
secure us if anything went wrong - If they decided to repeat the
causalities of '90. I remember being with my high school friends and we
would form a line of two, walking quickly towards the gymnasium, I was
always aghast at how we, my entire all-girls school would fit in it. Now that
I'm older I'm not very surprised, the gym was big and we were small.
went by and we grew accustomed to the sounds of the yellow horn above our
school, it sounded like a whacked up donkey being grinded inside a spaghetti
machine. I had nightmares about it, my white teddy bear Lilia would be sitting
in the middle of a grey background, I would see the vague movement of wheels
trying to crush her in the meantime, that ugly frustrating noise would be
playing - silently growing louder and louder until I woke up in

I don't remember when it stopped.

My sense of
danger is quite slow, as for many of my generation I believe.We hear a loud
sound and start staring around. Look at our friends wondering if they have the
answer: 'What was that?!'Your head keeps repeating, you pretend you're in that
gymnasium and the teachers would cry out loud 'Remember girls, even
during terror we should be brave!'.

After a reminiscence of the
past, we got off our behinds and tried to lookout what was going on. It was a
sandstorm; the sandstorm came abruptly and so strong that the ventilation system
went haywire. The weather's been crazy ever since winter left.I'm glad we were
fine - hungry, stuck at the library for the next 2 hours - but I'm
glad nothing bad really happened.