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Sunday, June 19, 2011
Faces and Places @ 11:56 AM

Ever since the end of winter/spring 2011 semester (heavy packed time table) I started getting up early, and paint until the whee time of the night, occasionally blurting gribbish on my twitter. I hope I don't upset too many friends over there. A good friend of mine told me she goes on twitter just to see my tweets, 'When you write in Arabic, it's funny - killa ghalat!!' (meaning: everything is grammatically wrong)' Yeees, I'm considering this as a compliment since it's from a friend. Again, I can't help the way I speak.

Can't we pin up a Creole-like situation sign over here?
Pretend I'm the upcoming generation that will make broken Arabic surface. Let's!

Painted this while watching an old movie of 'Detective Conan', & at the age of 23 I still love that little boy with all his smart gadgets. I wish I had a voice-changer, fool my friends and never get caught. I doubt this - my broken Arabic would reveal my identity...

That night, I inhaled too much varnish (the studio windows were shut .... bad idea!). Had to sleep it away until the half of the next day. I stayed typsy as I watched a new
episode of 'The Simpsons', but everything was right by the time the sun hid

Go get yourself some fresh air, it must be a beautiful day wherever you live.
As for me, I'm going to work on some projects and collabs
- It's too dusty to play outside.

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