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Wednesday, May 25, 2011
diary one @ 11:57 AM

With each ending semester the parking lot turns empty. يزعل
مرات. Makes me sad, sometimes.
Having a two hour break between classes all semester gave me the chance to relax with the company of good people and food, these few weeks in particular were interesting.

I realized that a gallery was within walking distance from my university.
Having spent 4 years studying literature and destroying every ounce of my self-identity, and not knowing about this place shocks me.
I think by the time I graduate next semester, I'll still be wearing that shocked-"ORLY?"-expression whenever I enter.
After my 10:00 A.M lecture was cancelled last tuesday, I decided to check the gallery and tagged a good friend along after having herbal fusilli and washing it down with a fresh orange juice, (paid) courtesy of Coffee Beans and Leaf cafe. Hah.

To my surprise they were presenting an artist's exhibition (every two weeks). Her name's Aya Khair.
The paintings were beautiful, there was a giant notebook in the entrance I'm pretty sure the artist put out for visitors, lovely comments and encouragements flowered transparent pages. I was going to say something nice, which I did but I ended up scribbling blue ink all over the corner.

Before leaving, I had some inquiries for the art director of the gallery, funny enough she insisted I speak Arabic (in any form; formal or the local accent). It's difficult for me to write objectively about how I speak Arabic without sounding too emotional.
I attempted to push the conversation into English, a clumsy try into saving face, her "I love to encourage young people like yourself to use the Arabic language" argument got to me...
Not to feel too bad, I poured myself a cup of Arabic coffee and gulped petty yummy sweets.
قهوتهم! بالعافية اقول

It was a good day.