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Thursday, May 26, 2011
diary two: ferris wheels vanishes. @ 1:37 PM

I have to admit that this is fairly old.
Way before dying my hair into halves.
One Saturday, I was invited out for brunch at a nearby restaurant by my former boss, a bunch of my ex co-workers were there too. I got to eat free Indian food.
It was a pleasant set-up. (*´ω`*) 
Afterwards, we decided to enjoy the afternoon wandering in an amusement
park nearby, with the crappy music echoing faintly one couldn't get into the
right mood, I was disappointed by the empty carts and the quiet whispers of
Back when I was young, it was noisier. Errr, a little note: I'm not that old.
I could remember children happy yawns, cheerfully asking parents for tickets, something about the place reminded me of the tapping sounds of my mother's heels whenever she would drag me away from those swirling cups and the smell of her tweed coat. I remember being afraid of Ferris Wheels.

Just for fun, my friends and I decided to explore memory lane one more time, maybe just maybe I got the whole thing wrong.
But after visiting the haunted castle, shooting arcade, almost uninhabited pet stores, expensive souvenir shops and the local eatery we were convinced the place had lost something.
The energy was nonexistent, a few families in the place looked zombie-fied.
Or rather everything about this visit was a reflection on my own psyche. Meh.

We compensated wasted time with choco-vanilla ice cream.
Damn summer's coming.. ( ´-ω-`)