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Sunday, May 15, 2011
ABC @ 12:43 PM

A couple of my friends on twitter were doing this ABC meme.
Valeria / Jessica Mack / Jessica Gowling / Juri
I haven't much material to show, I'm waiting until I get my 120mm films so until then, I decided to write this.

Age: 23
Bed Size: Single.
Chore you hate: Laundry, dusting and listening to mother whine.
Dogs: Labrador Retriever~
Essential start of your day: Taking allergy medications.
Favourite Colour: I don't have one. Analyse that!
Gold or silver: I'm allergic to both. Yes, I'm serious.
Height: 158 cm.
Instruments: The triangle. So little piano.
Job Title: English Literature student.
After graduation I'm going to study fine art and film.
Kids: Not interested.
Live: Kuwait.
Mom’s Name: Rose.
Nickname: Tee chan, Momo.
Overnight hospital stay: Nope.
Pet Peeve: When people say "Well yeh, I'm different than everybody else."
Quote from a movie:

"In the face of my life all I can do is panic, such is my useless and pathetic youth. Now, what we acquire along with our first wrinkle is our trust in life, this consent and this smile which says, Friend I know all about you. Looking back we will learn, Life never deceives man.
Life has never deceived man.
I say it again, Thank you very much for all you did.
" - Yellow Tears

Right or left handed: Right!
Siblings: A younger brother.
Time you wake up: 7:30 am.
Underwear: Lace.
Vegetables you dislike: Is tomato a veggie?
What makes you run late: Fixing my hair or lipstick...
X-rays you’ve had done: My back, arms and stomach. Had bodily issues growing up.
Yummy food you make: Sweet potato soup, sea chicken chahan, traditional ramen. & other yums.
Zoo animal: Hippopotamuses, bears and vultures!